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The Pillar of How

As we discover our identity and awaken our dreams, they will lead us into the third pillar, the Pillar of How, our Purpose. As we’ve seen in the first two pillars, there is a purpose for each of us that Jesus wants us to fulfill. (Phil 3:12) 

As we did in the Pillar of What, we can review what we’ve done in the past that we enjoyed the most, and again, what was likely attacked. Ask Jesus to bring these to mind. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself about things you’ve done or thought about doing.

  • Was I able to keep doing it without getting tired because it was so much fun?

  • Did others appreciate what I did for them?

  • Was I able to find solutions that others couldn’t?

  • Was my creativity released in it?

  • Did I wish that I could do it and not have to do anything else?

  • Did it stir my passions, ignite my dreams?

  • What products can we develop that come from what we love doing?

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