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The Pillar of Where

The final pillar is the Pillar of Where or Place. Where we serve and who we serve rounds out the four pillars. There are many places, called spheres in the story, that we can serve. In addition, the places we serve will change over time. 

We start by asking Jesus where he wants us to serve. The first place we serve is right were we find ourselves right now. Using Ellie, from the story as an example, who wants to be a chef. How can she do that since she is still at home and in school? As she learns what a chef needs to do, she can put those into practice right at home and in school. She can learn how to cook and help her family by cooking. 

If Jesus is leading us somewhere in addition to where we are now, we can research what will be needed in the new place and begin to practice what we learn.

We also need to discover who we will be serving. The world is a big place with over 7 billion people in it. So we can’t help everyone. The only one able to do that is Jesus himself. We need to ask Jesus for who he wants us to serve. You’ve likely heard it call finding your “niche” or your field of favor. Who have problems or needs that you are the best one to help solve?

Some questions to ask yourself.

  • Who do you like being around?

  • Who listens to you?

  • What problems do they have?

  • Do you have solutions for them?

  • Has your who changed?

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