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The Pillar of What

Once we’ve begun to move into our Who, our identity as Father God sees us, we move into the second pillar is the Pillar of What, Heart Dreams.  

Why are our the dreams of our heart important? For several reasons. First is they further reveal who we really are. The second is how they lead us into our unique purpose and place (How and Where). We are all creative and powerful and living out of our identity and dreams releases that power on behalf of others. There are people around us that we are the best one to help them through the releasing of our dreams.

One challenge we have, as the book revealed to us, is that our heart communicates in pictures, far more than words. When we clean off the muck from those pictures, we can feel the power they have for us, even hear the music that streams from those pictures. For most of us, we’ve let what others say about us and our mistakes and failures, crush and even bury those dreams.

So how do we clean off or resurrect our dreams? As with our identity, we start by asking Jesus to help us. His word tells us he wants us to fulfill these dreams, called heart desires in the Psalms, one of the books in the Bible. There is trust required. Having listened for so long at the lies and accusations that have been said about us and our dreams, it is difficult to trust anyone, let alone someone we can’t really see all that well. But, I promise you, since he has promised, that he will help you, just as he has helped me.

A good place to start is see where you have been attacked the most? The dark lord fears that we will discover and live out our dreams so he attacks us the most there.  Think back about things that began to excite you when you thought about living something out and how quickly you and others attacked them. Write these down and start with asking Jesus about them. What about those dreams that are a part of you. 

Note that for most of us, the dreams were so quickly squashed that we never finished painting the pictures so don’t be surprised that they seem faint or incomplete. As you and Jesus dust them off, they will begin taking shape and you’ll be able to continue to add to them. You will likely find that they will develop more fully as you begin serving others.

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